We exist because we believe that the world needs more happy people doing things they are passionate about. Our mission is to help people keep track, focusing on what they do best while having fun and staying happy.

How it started

Tin Faller always knew she wanted to be her own boss. In the fourth grade, she would stay up late, envisioning that she was running her very own successful business. She'd imagine what it would look like when she was finally in charge—and now, it's happening!

Tin started working as a digital ad producer in 2013, and she loved it. She got promoted twice in three years and was happy. But that wasn't the life she wanted.

One day, she was talking to her boss about her future goals—what she wanted to accomplish in life. She told him that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. He then told her about a book he read as an entrepreneur. Her boss recommended that book to Tin. Little did she know that this book would change her life forever.

That night, she started reading the book. Chapter 1 awoke her entrepreneurial spirit. Her childhood visions suddenly came rushing into her head. She felt goosebumps, and her heart was beating faster. That moment, she closed the book and said, "I QUIT."

And just like that, Tin quit her job on a whim!
There were no backup plans, only courage to follow her dreams! It was the best decision she ever made.

(On her last day at work, she adopted her first cat, Donut)

Weeks after, she launched Whimsical Cat Studio in her tiny apartment in Manila.

She started out selling digital downloads—but while surfing the internet, she stumbled upon the planner community. They were a group of amazing people who loved to plan and write down their thoughts, ideas, goals, and dreams—and they needed stickers! She then knew that this was where her talents could be best used.

One thing led to another, and now she offers the cutest, customizable stickers and stationery products. She now has a small team helping her run the show.

She's forever thankful to her supporters who have helped her build the business and have made it possible for her to continue running it.